Welcome to Domaine Belric.

Domaine Belric (a former winery) is a perfect destination for:

  • Weddings in the South of France
  • Holidays in Southern France
  • Music concerts
  • Business seminars

Situated in an area of stunning natural beauty we are 10 km from Perpignan and the Mediterranean Sea.

You will find:

  • A superb reception hall (Perfect for weddings, concerts, seminars and more)
  • Six apartments for your events guests (or your family holiday in southern France)
  • Outdoor facilities: tiled swimming pool, barbecue, flower garden, sunny terraces…




Below is an interactive map of our site. Hover your mouse pointer over the map to zoom and move around. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the level of zoom. Visitors for events in the Reception Hall (Salle de Reception) should enter from the west – the first left off Rue d’Avail Rich. Holiday makers can head straight up to the parking next to the Gardens. To get directions and see a larger map visit ‘Where We Are’.